Optimize with ePowerunit

The ePowerunit has countless applications, in short wherever a diesel generator is normally used, but without the high emissions, diesel consumption and noise pollution.

Due to the nitrogen crisis, the demand for CO2-reduced solutions is increasing rapidly. There are more and more zero and low emission construction projects and events and scoring on the CO2 performance ladder gives you an advantage in tenders.

The built-in power assist functionality makes it possible to supplement the capacity of the energy source (grid or generator). Where peak current often is only needed for a short time, the ePowerunit ensures that insufficient mains or aggregate current is immediately compensated with energy from the battery. When the load decreases, the backup power is used to recharge the battery.

Diesel generator

In hybrid mode up to 80% fuel and CO2 reduction

The versatile connections of the ePowerunit

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Hybrid mode

The ePowerunit has many hybrid applications. There are multiple connections, for example: 3-phase grid or generator, single-phase grid or generator, on-grid or off-grid solar and wind energy, fuelcell, EV charging station.

100% electric mode

The ePowerunit functions in stand
alone or island mode as a 100% green zero emission power solution. It can also be used as an energy storage system (ESS) in an existing PV installation.